Hi, I'm Kristi! 


I am a christian health coach, functional nutritional counselor & mHBOT operator.  I educate women with autoimmune disease, on how to fight back using nutrition, mindset & other health therapies taking them on a journey to fight inflammation, reduce flair-ups & rediscover vibrant health after a diagnosis. 

I myself, being diagnosed with systemic lupus, an autoimmune disease, was told I would most likely die from a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure.  I then was put on steroids that did nothing for the flair ups other than disrupt my sleep and leave me feeling worse than before.  They also gave me antivirals which destroys the gut, then sent me to a rheumatologist who had nothing more to offer than a lifetime of drugs. 

From a past of reversing "incurable" acne and horrible menstruation cycles using health therapies, I knew my options for putting lupus in remission naturally was a challenge I would be willing to take.  Through prayer, schooling, self studies, I fight back against auto immune disease through a functional lens. 



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