Hi, I'm Teri! 


I find great joy and fulfillment in being a wife, mother, Oma and friend to some pretty incredible people in this world.  My other joy comes from helping women who find themselves overwhelmed and unable to effectively organize their home, work or personal life.  I am a Christian "life organizer" coach that teaches women how to organize any area of their life that feels out of control, so they can passionately live every day from a place of calm instead of chaos. 

From as far back as I can remember, I've been an organizer "at heart" - always looking for that perfect business organizer; that perfect purse; that perfect way to arrange my physical environment so as to make my busy life easier; or that perfect routine that will keep all the moving parts in my life in proper balance. Can you relate?

But it wasn't until my life turned upside down with burn out, and loss of a career and life calling, that I realized how very important "order" is to our overall well-being; how important it is to our ability to move forward toward goals and dreams; and the important part it plays in our motivation to accomplish any challenging task at hand.  

It was out of that experience that my desire to help other women, such as yourself, was born.  And I would count it a privilege to help you start living every day from a place of calm instead of chaos.  

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